Email Marketing

Email Marketing ServicesEmail Marketing Services Offered:

  • Segment and List Building Consulting – Get the right message in front of the right customer .
  • Copywriting – Improve open and CTR for email broadcasts.
  • Reporting Analysis – In-depth reports on what’s working and what’s not.
  • Newsletters – Design consulting and copywriting.

How much should I be segmenting?

What subject lines perform  best?

How can I improve my CTR?

Consumers’ inboxes are crammed with messages these days – you need to make sure your emails stand out and Tarnacki Marketing can you help you do that. With hands-on experience managing lists that are just a few hundred to lists that comprise over one million names, Tarnacki Marketing can tell you exactly how you need to divide up your list for optimal performance.

Along with Tarnacki Marketing’s top-notch copywriting and landing page recommendations, you’ll soon find an increase in the amount of traffic and conversions coming from your emails.

Plus, with the Trek, Track, Top philosophy, Tarnacki Marketing will help you track your results, test new creative, and optimize your send time to get top attention in your customer’s inbox