Tarnacki Marketing and Writing Services is an online marketing firm that specializes in search marketing, email marketing, social media, copywriting, and content marketing. Tarnacki Marketing is spearheaded by content and marketing expert Gina Tarnacki.

Gina Tarnacki has worked in online marketing for over eight years, with an emphasis in travel and lifestyle brands. Tarnacki Marketing’s clients have ranged from travel companies to business networking sites, plus copywriting services for advertising agencies.

Prior to launching Tarnacki Marketing, Gina was the Director of an award-winning and innovative online travel agency, where she helped the company increase ROAS from search, segment email marketing for better results, revive the website’s content and email copy writing, and grow the company’s Facebook page into a community boasting the third highest number of people “liking” the page in the online travel agency industry.

Gina is also an accomplished writer, having been published in Porthole Magazine and Sport Diver Magazine, plus on USA TODAY Travel, About.com, Viator, Matador Network, Room 77, Lost Girls World, The Travel Word, and other prestigious travel websites. You can also find her writing on her own travel website, One Day in a City.

Tarnacki Marketing will help you achieve your marketing goals through our philosophy of Trek, Track, Top.

The Trek

Gina is an avid traveler and during a trek to a mountaintop village in the mountains of northern Thailand, she became intrigued by the village people’s ability to mix both the past and the present. Huts built on stilts, outhouse bathrooms, and no heat were mixed in with motorcycles, western clothing, and town general stores with beer, soda, and snacks. Gina was intrigued that the villagers had kept up their lifestyle in such a remote part of Thailand while still embracing certain aspects of the 21st century. That “Trek” philosophy is part of Tarnacki Marketing’s philosophy – always be innovating, but don’t lose sight of who you are. Tarnacki Marketing will help your business engage with consumers in new and profitable ways while keeping the voice of who your company is prevalent. Tarnacki Marketing is committed to taking the Trek on for you and doing the legwork to get you where you need to be – in front of new and existing customers.

The Track

Tarnacki Marketing understands that results matter. What is the point of having a Facebook page or SEM campaign if it doesn’t ultimately drive traffic to your site and result in new customers? And that is where Tarnacki Marketing excels. Tarnacki Marketing has experience using several different types of tracking software so can use what you’re currently using or will help set it up for you. We will Track your campaigns and tell you exactly what is and is not working for your campaigns as well as what optimizations Tarnacki Marketing recommends to improve your campaigns – constantly adapting to the changing landscape of online media and innovating.

The Top

Tarnacki Marketing will use its marketing and writing expertise to get you and your business to the Top of consumer’s minds as well as to the top of their search results, inbox, and social interactions.  Tarnacki Marketing will listen to your needs and help place your business in the online world where it will get top attention and shine – resulting in more customers and more dollars for your bottom line. Contact Tarnacki Marketing today to find out how our Trek, Track, Top philosophy can help you and your business.